As our ever-growing business strives to source new solutions and options for our customers, old and new, we are offering the latest technology to ensure no matter where you are, internet connectivity is available to you.

If your premises suffers from poor or low speed connections, or even has no fixed line or broadband connections, the new static router is the perfect solution. Providing instant high-speed connection through it's own single static IP address, the device is perfect for your CCTV system, allowing remote access into the system without interfering with any IT infrastructure. 

The router provides instant 4G connectivity, an ideal solution for premises in remote locations, for example farms, countryside homes, boats or pop-up shops where connection may be unavailable, limited or slow. The device can also be used as a temporary measure where required.

The static router is fully encrypted for your peace of mind, ensuring your data is protected and safe at all times, whether this is used as a permanent or temporary solution.

To find out more information on the new static router, don't hesitate to call us!