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Intruder Alarm Systems

For over 30 years, we've been protecting your businesses.

Always meeting your individual needs, we know not all businesses are the same, and neither are our systems.

Using only top, reliable brands, we will ensure your system meets full British Standards and insurance requirements.

CEFS pride ourselves on design; our intruder alarm systems are specifically designed by our expert team to ensure all aspects of your security needs are covered, literally.


We are an SSAIB certified company. Being regulated and inspected by the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB) for the service and installations of intruder alarm systems, you will be in safe hands knowing that we are accredited to carry out this work by a third-party certification scheme. All work is up to BS EN 8243 2010 standards, so you’ll always be complying with current standards and always receive the best service.

Moving Premises?

Consider taking us with you. We've been supporting businesses big and small for over 30 years and are proud of our loyal customer base. We guarantee to offer you competitive prices as a returning customer, 

About Our Alarms
Did You Know?

Premises are more than twice as likely to be burgled if they’ve been burgled in the previous four years


Visible security measures, such as alarm boxes or CCTV cameras, are shown to reduce the chance of a property being targetted in a burglary

30% entered the premises through an unlocked door, window or other opening without resorting to force

Many burglaries are not pre-planned, they’re carried out by opportunists who discover an open door, window or unguarded valuables in full view

Monitoring & Apps.

Working together with monitoring stations across the country, working 24/7, your alarm will never go unanswered. We offer a range of monitoring units to ensure the most efficient response to confirmed or false alarms, whether this is for your home or business. Signals are sent to your monitoring station for any activity on your intruder alarm and their quick and reliable response will minimise the risk to your property.

With the capability of connecting your alarm system to our app on your phone, you’ll be able to see your alarm system from anywhere in the world. Not only that, but if you have a CCTV system, we can connect you to that too! If your alarm goes off, you’ll receive a notification on your smart device so you can check your CCTV app too. 

Our app has the ability to allow you connection to your intruder alarm from your own smartphone or tablet etc. enabling you to set/unset your system and check it's status from wherever you may be!

Wireless Connectivity.

We are so excited to introduce a new means of connection so you can still protect your premises in even the most remote locations.

The new router will provide you with your own static IP address and sends data via it’s own 4G Sim card so you don’t need broadband in place already. The perfect solution for farms or rural homes where broadband may be unavailable or impractical.

Why should your security be compromised because of poor broadband? We can still keep you monitored! The static connection is fully encrypted for enhanced data protection and can easily be connected to a monitoring station for that extra peace of mind. The rapid connection provided is instant so there is no need to wait around for a broadband engineer and is suitable as a permanent or temporary solution.

Police Response
& Verification.

As an approved installation company recognised by the Police authority, we can provide you with full police response to your premises in the event of a confirmed alarm on your intruder alarm or personal attack equipment.

Your insurance company may require you to have this element in place to meet your security criteria, as well as your regularly maintained intruder alarm system. 

Prevention is the key first step to keeping your premises safe and avoid disruption. 

Intruder alarms are a visible indication that your premises is protected, deterring a potential threat of burglary.

Alarm Servicing

What's Involved?


Firstly, we'll check if you've experienced any issues since your last visit.


All your power supplies and batteries are tested and checked, if any need replacing, we'll do that too!


All devices are fully checked to ensure they're working efficiently and that operation is satisfactory.


We'll make sure your control panel is working exactly as it should and all devices relay back.


We'll ensure any signalling equipment is working to full capacity and triggering correctly.


Sounders and sirens will be tested to ensure they function correctly and provide adequate sound.


Keypads will be checked and cleaned, we'll make sure all LED's are operating.


We'll make sure all minor faults are resolved and answer any questions or concerns you have before we go!

Monitoring & Apps
Wireless Connectivity
Police Response
Smoke Screening

Smoke Screening


You Can't Steal What You Can't See

We are thrilled to be working alongside Smoke Cloak to install a new generation of proactive security products designed especially to minimise losses during a break-in!

This fabulous system works together with your intruder alarm so that within seconds of a break-in, a thick, impenetrable barrier of smoke will stop an intruder in their tracks by creating a disorienting and confusing environment.

Unfortunately, burglars don’t need much time to steal from you which is why the first few minutes of a break-in are vital. With the highest reported loss of earnings being within these crucial minutes, the Smoke Cloak system can reduce these losses by up to 95%.  

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