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Digital & IP CCTV Systems

With over 4 million cameras operational across the UK today, CCTV systems are fast becoming part of our everyday lives.

We can install multi-channel Digital or Network Video Recording with multi-day recording facilities as part of a complete CCTV package – this can give you options such as local/remote control room monitoring and Smartphone remote viewing.

Fully Tailored Packages.

Technology development never stops which is why we will always provide the most reliable, top of the range camera systems to suit your needs and budget. We strive to incorporate the best quality, high-definition cameras into your tailored package, meeting your current and future needs.

Moving Premises?

Consider taking us with you. We've been supporting businesses big and small for over 30 years and are proud of our loyal customer base. We guarantee to offer you competitive prices as a returning customer, 

About Our Alarms
Did You Know?

The average person is caught on CCTV around 300 times per day.


You can connect to almost any CCTV system remotely from anywhere through an internet connection.

Alongside crime prevention, cameras are very commonly used to monitor trespassing in unsafe areas.

The UK has more CCTV cameras per head, than any other country in the world.

About Our CCTV.

Closed circuit television (CCTV) has been around now for many, many years. More recently, for most of us, this has become an increasing part of everyday life. Originally perceived as 'big brother', we now accept that CCTV systems do keep us safe and provide surveillance of our businesses, homes, families and staff.

With the ever-growing demand for quality, reliable surveillance, we can provide you with the most appropriate CCTV system and expert advice on the latest technology available. Whether for a shop, business premises or home, the requirement and need is endless. Digital recording, fibre optic transmission, radio transmission and computer monitoring are some of the solutions you may require.

Wireless Connectivity.

We are so excited to introduce a new means of connection so you can still protect your premises in even the most remote locations.

The new router will provide you with your own static IP address and sends data via it’s own 4G Sim card so you don’t need broadband in place already. The perfect solution for farms or rural homes where broadband may be unavailable or impractical.

Why should your security be compromised because of poor broadband? We can still keep you monitored! The static connection is fully encrypted for enhanced data protection and can easily be connected to a monitoring station for that extra peace of mind. The rapid connection provided is instant so there is no need to wait around for a broadband engineer and is suitable as a permanent or temporary solution.

IP Network CCTV.

The use of IP Networked systems is becoming increasingly popular and with the image quality measures in Megaixels, the reproduced pictures you view are now exceptional! IP (Internet Protocols) Addressable CCTV Systems enable transmission of images direct to your PC or network saving on the need for cabling. Central management software integrates each camera which has its own IP address enabling accessed by several users on a network or via the Internet, using a PC or laptop.

Remote Monitoring.

We design and install sophisticated CCTV systems that will monitor and react to movement at the perimeter and/or inside your premises – the CCTV camera will then follow the intruder while recording the activity onto your DVR. Operators at a remote monitoring station are then able to make an audible voice announcement warning the intruder to leave the location; if no action is taken the operators will then make a callout to the local Police. This type of system has been shown to be most effective as a deterrent to unwanted intruders.

We work with exceptional third-party monitoring stations who provide excellent and reliable monitoring of your CCTV system.

Smartphone Connection.

Smartphone applications now have an important role to play in CCTV surveillance applications enabling you to remotely monitor your CCTV system from anywhere in the world! CEFS offer a range of products that will work with iPhone and Android surveillance applications. Providing essential peace of mind to you, wherever you are.

Did you know we can install cameras on external vertical poles?

Securely monitor your site perimeter with external mounted cameras, perfect for car parking spaces and construction yards.

Camera Servicing

What's Involved?


Firstly, we'll check if you've experienced any issues since your last visit.


All your monitors and your video recorder are tested and checked to make sure your image quality is nothing less than perfect.


All cameras are fully checked to ensure they're working efficiently and that operation is satisfactory.


We'll make sure your digital or network recorder is working exactly as it should and all cameras relay back.


If you're monitored, we'll make sure everything is signalling with no delay!


Camera images will be checked and ensure locations are correct.


Cameras will be cleaned and sprayed down with water repellent.


We'll make sure all minor faults are resolved and answer any questions or concerns you have before we go!

Monitoring & Apps
Wireless Connectivity
Night Viewing

Technology Never Looked This Good.

We're proud to specialise in CCTV cameras for both day and night viewing, for external and internal applications. Ideal for car parks, entrances and sports grounds, as well as inside factories, warehouses, shops and so much more! 

Ever-growing technology means darkness will never compromise your viewing, producing unbeatable imaging even through the night with minimal lighting. 

Excellent Night Viewing

IP Cameras
Remote Monitoring
App Connection
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