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Access Control & Intercoms

Our access control systems help boost your business safety and profitability by keeping any potential threats external, whilst valuable assets can stay out of sight and beyond temptation.

The vast range of products means there is a perfect bespoke system for anyone; whether this is simple access management or incorporating time management and clocking-in solutions.

We  are proud to install and maintain a vast range of quality access control & management solutions. Every building is as unique as our tailored systems; from small office buildings, to multi-storey occupancy solutions and everything in-between!

Moving Premises?

Consider taking us with you. We've been supporting businesses big and small for over 30 years and are proud of our loyal customer base. We guarantee to offer you competitive prices as a returning customer, 

About Our Alarms
Did You Know?

Things To Consider

How many people on average will be entering your premises? Busier buildings will have different requirements to quieter premises!

Who are your clientele?

There are a range of cards and fobs you can use, or even just a key-code, to suit everyone.

Building or gates?

We can install access control internally and externally. 

Means of access control can be revoked at any time. It's never been simpler to remove someone's card or fob; with management rights of course!

About Our Access.

Access control provides security by giving flexible control over who is allowed to enter and when they can enter a building or outside facility. The systems CEFS provide will aid in keep your buildings, staff and assets safe and secure.

Whether it’s one door or hundreds of doors across multiple sites, CEFS offer systems, networking and interconnectivity solutions to suit your all your individual needs.

Standard keys and locks help you to secure your premises, but what about when they are lost or stolen?

The inconvenience of changing locks or re-issuing keys can be more than enough hassle, but there's always a solution.

Network Based.

The most common means of access control is by utilising fobs and/or cards to gain entry to a premises. By programming these tokens to an internal database system, you can keep track of who is entering your premises and only allow access to certain persons or visitors at your own discretion.

All of this is managed through a network on your PC. This means any commands you give from this PC are sent to all doors instantly!

To gain access you simply present your fob or card to the reader, this method can be much more beneficial for people who are more likely to forget a code!

An alternative option to code entry, this means of access control can be utilised in a way to protect unsafe or restricted areas as well as general entry into a premises. All doors controlled by the access system will automatically lock when the door is closed, and won't allow access without a programmed fob or card.

This method of access control is most beneficial for larger premises who may be spread over multiple floors or have multiple doors or users. 

Offline Based.

For smaller premises or for those with fewer users, the most cost efficient solution would be a standalone offline access system. Users can still fully control who has access to a room/building by using either a pin or electronic token.

Unlike the network based system, the offline system can take a little longer to program or alter users; this needs to be carried out at each door assigned to the electronic token, rather than making these changes from the PC. 

Did you Know...

Access control was first developed in the 1960's as a solution to people losing their keys.

Access Servicing

What's Involved?


Firstly, we'll check if you've experienced any issues since your last visit.


All your power supplies are tested and checked, if any need replacing, we'll do that too!


All code or token readers are fully checked to ensure they're working efficiently and that operation is satisfactory.


We'll make sure your control equipment is working exactly as it should and all doors and readers relay back.


We'll ensure you've had no issues with your electronic tokens or readers.


External readers and intercoms are checked to ensure they relay back to the control equipment correctly.


Keypads or readers will be cleaned, we'll make sure all your door locks are sufficient too!

About our Access
Offine Based
Video Entry

Video Entry.


See who's calling.

Video entry systems are becoming ever more popular to see who's knocking at your door. An ideal solution for multi-storey premises, these systems allow you to see anyone who calls and allows you to release doors on command via a small video keypad.

Also beneficial for smaller premises or those with fewer staff present, video systems can provide the ultimate peace of mind for allowing, or disallowing, visitors.

Network Based
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